Answering the unanswered to the youth with “Artha” Channel

Purpose of Artha
Artha has everything that you need to know about Indian religions and cultural happenings. At Artha, we are answering all the questions that arise while one observes the Indian rites and customs that are followed by different religions. Here we give you the precise reason to why some acts still exist and why we have rules. This little devotional channel has created its own world full of content that brings you closer to your traditions. It gives you information on all that is happening in the cultural world.

Artha was launched in October 2016 with videos on Hindu festivals and since has been growing rapidly in terms of content and viewership. In the initial two months, we posted videos in the English language which had a moderate audience. After which our audiences often demanded regional languages, most probably in the Hindi language. Our well-liked videos in Hindi received the highest appreciation. Along with this younger audience also loved to know more about different religions through English videos.

Localised content - Festivals across the country
We then localised our content on Artha through releasing videos on varied festivals and cultural events that were celebrated across the country.

Introducing content across platforms - Introduction on Whats app
We also came up with new ways to reach our audiences, including, Artha Whats App Group. The team introduced us to a new concept which connected us directly to our audiences. Artha’s this new formula sorted out the core problem of reaching the pan-India audience and fulfilling their demands for information.

Meanwhile, the feedback from our audience of Artha has been our most important source of encouragement to explore the cultural world more. The channel has repeatedly received support from our viewers through their reactions on Artha’s Facebook page, which has been a great help for us to improve.

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